They Never Taught Me THAT at School!

How many exercise books have we filled over our lifetime?  How many ‘first new pages’ have we kept neat with our latest pen and best handwriting?

How many essays have we written? Comprehensions completed? Prose, poems and passages…planning, revising, editing…it was all there, some of us got an A+ others got a D- but never, ever did the teachers tell us that the colour of pen we use has a connotations!  Not even in their bright red pen!

The interesting things about it is that the human psyche strikes again in terms of the inferences, undertones and suggestions of use – who knew?  Importantly, we need to know this, because in business, it could have a significant bearing on winning people over or turning them off for good!

Depending on whether you are wanting to be eye catching to grab someone’s attention in a letter, whether you are asking them for business, for a job, or whether you are sending a ‘thank you’ – the colour of ink you use screams volumes.  Check this out:

  • Black – traditional, anxiety, stress, pessimism
  • Blue – confidence, integrity, authority
  • Green – creative, artistic, eccentric
  • Brown – secure, stable, common sense
  • Red – power, energy, emotional
  • Purple – thoughtful, unique, intuitive
  • Pink – compromising, sentimental, adaptable
  • Silver – artistic, romantic, autonomous
  • Gold – impractical, intuitive, leader

How crazy is that?

I would urge you to take caution though.  For the purposes of brevity, the bullet points are a precis of the meaning of the coloured written word.  There’s far more to it than that!

So, before you start writing to all your business contacts with your best gold ink thinking you are sending a message that screams ‘leader’ – please be advised that, in the words of Delboy “you plonker” could be the thing that comes to the recipients mind… 😊