There’s a Cloud in My Summer Mood ☹


Where did it go?  That sunshine moment?  That sunny attitude?  That summer smile?

Was it really the weather that has changed that summery ‘sing song’ in our day?  Or was it a Cloud Creator, a Blizzard Blower, a Cyclone Sculptor, a Fog Fixer, a Cold Front Comedian, a Thundertron, a Doldrum Drawer, a Draught Arranger or a Wind Chill Breather that walked into the workplace?

There’s no doubt, the weather affects our mood.  But ‘cold front’ people in the workplace can be even more damaging.

There are ‘sappers’ that suck the very life out of us and there are ‘zappers’ that infect us with their enthusiasm and energy every day.

When you work as a team it can be hard to keep everyone buoyant when the Overcast Orator is in the building!  Complaining, moaning and finding fault with everything, these negatrons have a direct impact on productivity within the team.  And left unchecked, this costs the business money, not to mention damaging morale within the team and having individuals running out of the door for cover elsewhere!

Here’s some ideas to ‘mood boost’ and bring back the brightness to a cloudy work day:

  • Identify who they are and why they might be negative

Do they have personal stuff going on? (who doesn’t?) Do they have too much time on their hands? (they’re not stretched enough) They’re too bored? (frustrated)  Are they stressed? (can you help?)

Have a quiet word with them to identify the problem and tackle the impact of their behaviour on others.  Go on, show them that you care!

  • Give people a licence to take a break

Let people stretch their legs by moving around or going for a walk.  This could be a welcome relief for those impacted by the mood hoover or a much required endorphin release for the perpetrator.  Trust people – they don’t all take a yard when you give an inch!

  • Create opportunities for being sociable at work

Could you make it the norm to take a break together – away from the work itself? How about a collective ‘brew round’ to ensure everyone gets a refreshment?  Can you plan a ‘social’ for everyone to get to know each other away from the workplace (go for something to eat, to the theatre or even just to the local pub?) A little bit of fun goes a long way!

  • Instigate a 10 minute huddle every day

Allow everyone to air their ‘concerns,’ the ‘cause’ of these and the ‘countermeasures’ (the 3 C’s) to negate any issues or nip things in the bud.  This is a great one to stop things ‘festering.’  Give people time and acknowledgement that they’re being heard!

  • Praise and celebrate the sunshiners. Sounds bonkers right?  But nothing breeds enthusiasm and energy like more enthusiasm and energy.  It’s infectious.  Ask the armed forces: morale boosting company songs don’t have to be marched to – but you do all need to be singing from the same sheet at least!

Go on, share with us, what ways do you deal with your grumblestilskins?