When You Don't Need PPE!

We have heard a lot of talk about PPE in the last few weeks.   With a background in healthcare, I am certainly used to the personal protection required when preventing the spread of germs.  Unclear guidance and chaotic processes do little to provide a level of assurance that things are on the right track or that we are safe, nor provides a level of confidence that we are in control.

However,  what I’m talking about is worse than what the global health and care community are talking about.  I’m talking about the rampant infections that pervade through businesses every day.  The silent saboteurs of good decision making, team building and nurturing client relationships.

I’ve worked in public, private, commercial, corporate and SMEs – many sectors.  Since my first day as an employee some 36 years ago, I have witnessed numerous business owners and bosses who think they know best.  You know the ones, because we’ve all seen them.  The ones that think their way is the only way; that their idea is the only idea; that their opinions, policies and processes are correct and that an alternative should not be explored.  The ones that have a closed mindset.  Even though they might say all the right things, their behaviour doesn’t support their words.

Oh how they miss out.

Sure, they ‘carry the can’ so have to make the final decision, but are they allowing their staff to be creative?  Are they trusting them to be getting on with the job whilst working from home? Are they respecting their expertise, judgment and advice?  Can they see the talent they have in their team?  Do they hear the voices of their own staff?  Are they able to value ‘difference?’ Remember, the most respected bosses are not the control freaks but the ones brave enough to be humble and servient to their team.

  • See your staff as the experts
  • Value others opinions
  • Appreciate difference and diversity
  • Respect the ideas
  • Understand another’s viewpoint
  • Be humble
  • Be gracious in our praise

Put away the Personality differences, the team Politics and the over inflated Egos.

That’s just what great leaders do.