How Good Are You?

How do you know how good you are?  Do you always do what you say you’re going to do?  Deliver what you say you will deliver? 

On time?

Every time? 

Do you give people what they want? Or what they need?  Are they satisfied?  Do they tell you?

Is your service reliable?  Is yours a quality product?  Are you able to deliver the quality or service you provide at a cost that doesn’t sink your business?  Do you get repeat business from customers?

What about the people who work in or with your business?  Are they happy?  Are people satisfied?  Are they motivated?  Are they engaged in the ‘business’ of the company?

In a nutshell, are you and your business performing as well as you could be?

Do you measure it?

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it!  And if you’re in business, surely you look to improve every single day…right?

Whether you are looking to improve quality, delivery, safety, morale or bottom line costs – you should be measuring your daily performance!

We work with heaps of businesses who tell us they’re in trouble or have an issue with something – but then can’t tell us by how much they’re struggling.  They have no measures.  Zero. Zilch.

That’s an easy day of work for Build Your Business Training.  Telling you what you already know:

you need to measure your key performance indicators! 

And keep it simple so that everyone in the company understands what is being measured, how and why.  Make it part of normal daily conversation.  Get people excited about performance measures.  Don’t allow them to be a mystery – a secret kept for the manager – a stick to beat people with – NO!

KPI’s are EVERYONE’s business.

So, come on, be honest, do you measure daily performance?

Should you? Yes or no?