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About Lisa

Lisa Smith is an international business & improvement coach and executive mentor.  With a diverse background, she understands all sectors.  She is an international speaker and author with publications translated across five languages.


She has turned her skills for getting results in the toughest of circumstances into a winning formula for businesses.  She now uses her extensive knowledge and expertise working with business owners teaching confidence and leadership and business building skills.

As a national lead of improving processes for business and public sector over the last 20 years, she has led successful projects using Lean and Six Sigma methodology – with impressive bottom-line results. As a pioneer of lean in the NHS, she has written key national publications and continues to be commissioned as a consultant. 

Recent commissions include the writing of a suite of improvement resources for international courses of the British Medical Journal. 

She is a strong leader who has never lost the obsession for making it easier for teams and their support networks to make practical improvements to their daily work.  As an accredited practitioner, she holds licences to practice numerous individual and team building tools including: Engagement Multiplier, Motivational Mapping, Strengths Deployment Inventory. 

As a co-founder of Build Your Business Training, her expertise is much sought after by others to help them create productive, and profitable businesses by a motivated team. 

What she says:
 “I like to keep things simple.  Life and business is complicated enough.  I help you to see through the problems.  I’m also reliable, if I say I’m going to do it then I do.  I don’t let people down and once I make the commitment, I stick with it.  I’m very honest and very straight talking.  That makes very realistic but also extremely trustworthy.  My attitude to improving businesses is with passion and enthusiasm – that makes me ambitious – for your business to succeed. 

I guarantee 100% commitment to help you launch, grow and improve your business.  I currently run three of them and if I can do this whilst running home, bringing up children, being coach and mentor and walking the dog – you can too!”


What they say:
“We had great aspirations but never knew where to start and never had the time to try this.  Thanks to Lisa, we have moved mountains!” Paul, Practice Manager

 “We would love to keep Lisa in our cupboard so that we have her advice every day” Nikki, Admin Team Leader

“Without Lisa this would’ve been almost impossible for us.  She has made it so simple.  Can’t thank her enough.  I hope we continue to work together in the future”  Alison, GP

About Harriet

Harriet Dunn is an International Property & Business trainer and coach. She has a demonstrable track record across the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe. 

Title Splitting Expert – Property Expert – Business Trainer. 

She helps entrepreneurs build their Property Portfolios and Businesses – by sharing knowledge, experience, and opportunities!


Harriet has been part of the Property world since 1985 when she bought her first Property—qualifying as a Solicitor in 1995 and specialising in all aspects of real estate and business law. Running her niche solicitors’ firm, she advised property investors and business owners large and small. She now works with property investors and entrepreneurs. Using her expert knowledge on: 

  • Title Splitting Property
  • Commercial Property 
  • Pensions to build Property Portfolios 
  • Buying Businesses and 
  • Growing Businesses

She trains entrepreneurs and investors to; take action, reach their full potential, gain clarity and confidence.

Having sold her legal firm and retiring as a solicitor in 2014, she took the opportunity to have an adventure and lived in Bangkok, then San Diego and travelled around Australia and South East Asia. Returning to the UK in 2016, she now runs three businesses and trains hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors every year.

Harriet is thankful and proud of her fantastic family: – husband, two children and six grandchildren, and one very bouncy labradoodle.

 What she says:
“Life is short; spend your time wisely and have some fun.”

What they say:
“The session with Harriet was absolutely amazing. I am very grateful for her spending time and inspiring us. She is very patient and incredibly knowledgeable and used an effortless way with her easy manner in order to give an insight into streamlining our business. We loved the session. Thank you so much.”

“Harriet is so kind and patient with our questions. She guided us through and showed us the direction as a starting step in our journey. After sessions, it cleared most of our uncertainty and worries and increased our confidence. Once again, Harriet is so amazing! Thanks for her calls and guidelines. it really helps.”