7 Touch Points to Make You ‘Stick’ – Fact or Fiction?

People can lead you up the garden path – and they often do!  I’ve listened to lots of marketeers who tell us that we need 7 ‘sticky points’ to ensure that we ‘land’ as being memorable with our potential customers.  So, in a bid to reach our future clients, we flood the channels we think they look at or interact with 7 times attempting to cover ‘all bases.’  The chances are, we’ve either still missed them, or we’ve turned them off in our overzealous efforts.

However, in reality, there is no magic number for the number of touches you need to make – it all depends on your sector.    It’s probably far better to think of 7 different interactive mechanisms by which you might be able to reach your intended audience, have a go at contacting them by that means and measure the results you get back.  Now THAT’s the important bit: MEASURE THE RESULTS you get!  Think about interactions being things like:

  • Business Card
  • Website
  • Vlogs
  • Online adverts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc)
  • Paper – leaflets, folders, give-aways
  • Email
  • Conversation

However, a bit of research that might be one to experiment with when trying to make your first contact attempt to the ones you REALLY want to get noticed by includes tips such as:

  • For initial email contact, 5 mins to or 5 mins past the hour is the optimum time – because you want yours to always be in the top 12 of someone’s inbox
  • The best days of the week to get people’s attention are Thursdays and Fridays
  • The best dates of the month are the 28th-31st of the month

And if you really want to do a scientific experiment on measuring your contact success – then here’s your 7 point plan across a month!:

  • Day 0: First touchpoint
  • Day 14: Second touchpoint
  • Day 21: Third
  • Day 25: Fourth
  • Day 27: Fifth
  • Day 28: Sixth
  • Day 29 (in the morning): Seventh

Fact or fiction?  Let’s do an experiment – let us know how you get on…post a comment.